Monday, August 1, 2005

Collect MyKad promptly

I haven't collected mine. Ooops! Better do pronto!
You too if you have not.

The Star

MEMBERS of the public are urged to collect their MyKad to avoid being slapped with a fine for late collection.

Negri Sembilan National Registration Department director Safiee Hailani said up to May, a total of 12,756 MyKad in the state had yet to be collected.

He said the department had sent out notices to inform the applicants to collect the document personally.

“Of the figure, 607 MyKad had yet to be collected even though it was ready 18 months ago.

“Another 6,200 MyKad were completed between three and six months ago while 5,949 were issued over the last two months.

“We hope these applicants will take the initiative to check with our state offices and collect the document promptly,” he said in an interview.

Safiee said under the law, applicants were given a 90-day period to collect their MyKad, failing which they would be liable to a fine of up to RM90.

“However, we are willing to consider reducing the amount on a case-by-case basis if they can provide a valid reason for the delay,” he said.

He added that applicants should act promptly and not wait until the last minute to collect their MyKad.

On a separate matter, he said those residing in neighbouring states could apply for MyKad in any of the state offices at their convenience.

He said since April, the state offices had recorded almost 40% increase in applications from outsiders.

“Up to last month, we have 66,858 people, both locals and outsiders, applying for MyKad in our state offices,” he said, adding that the department recorded an average of 9,000 applicants monthly for the first three months this year.

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