Friday, August 5, 2005

Friday! Thank God It's Friday!

Did I ever mention that I love Fridays? Time to unwind
after a lonnnnnng hard week and enjoy a well-deserved
weekend. Boy! am I looking forward to really enjoying
the mega sale. At some places, bargaining is the order of
the day so will have to remember the bargaining tips I
just picked up from here.

The haze over KL is clearing up so it's a good sign of some
better air quality, I hope.

I could stay indoors and do some baking.
Or maybe I'll go for an eating orgy of durians.

I could add some extra features to my blog to make it more
inviting so that you'll come back for more.

Or I could clean up the mess in my living quarters or I could feng shui my garden except that I haven't got one.

Of course, there's this Jazz Festival up at Mont'Kiara
I could go to. Maybe I would - just for the beers if not
the jazz. My friends will be hanging out there too.

The options are endless - I sometimes wish there are more
hours to a day or better yet more days to a week-end.
Ahhhh..... that's a thought!

You have a super-duper, wonderful week-end. I know I will.
Let me leave you with this. They sure don't call it 'spoiler'
for nothing. Cheerio!

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