Monday, August 15, 2005

Ice cream a snack, too

I say.....This is a great idea.

ICE CREAM is known to be a dessert. Now, it is also a snack. Thanks to Wall's.

Wall's launched its Wall's Mini ice cream, which comprises Mini Magnum, Mini Hazelnut and Mini Cornetto at Menara TM in Pantai on Thursday.

The ice creams come Vanilla flavour, Vanilla and Chocolate mix flavour.

Compared to the regular size Cornetto, the Mini Cornetto is one-third and Mini Magnum two-third the regular size, while Mini Hazelnut can be eaten in a mouthful.

The 10 pieces of Mini Hazelnut is prized at RM4.99 while the 12 pieces of Cornetto is prized at RM6.99 and the six pieces of Mini Magnum is priced at RM7.99.

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