Thursday, October 19, 2006

Breast Cancer Awareness

Black has always been the 'in' colour for its projection of elegance and mystery. But of late, passionate red has been touted the new black.

However, for October another colour takes prominence. The colour is Pink as Pink has been chosen to represent Breast Cancer Awareness and October has been designated Breast Cancer Awareness month. So... colour your world Pink to spread the awareness.

Early detection is key and to plagiarise from a site:


Each year, 182,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 43,300 die. One woman in eight either has or will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. In addition, 1,600 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 400 will die this year. More..

Similar to the campaign on poverty eradication, we can also help by funding free mammograms to provide women in the third world who are in need and whose awareness of breast cancer and opportunity for help is often limited.

Well, what exactly is a mammogram, you may ask. Below might give you a teeny-weeny idea of what it is.

This is hysterical! Make sure you read the whole thing. There is a serious message at the end, but you get to laugh on the way there.

For years and years they told me,
Be careful of your breasts.
Don't ever squeeze or bruise them.
And give them monthly tests.
So I heeded all their warnings,
And protected them by law.
Guarded them very carefully,
And I always wore my bra.
After 30 years of astute care,
My gyno, Dr Pruitt,
Said I should get a Mammogram
"OK," I said, "let's do it."
"Stand up here real close" she said,
(She got my boob in line),
"And tell me when it hurts," she said,
"Ah yes! Right there, that's fine."
She stepped upon a pedal,
I could not believe my eyes!
A plastic plate came slamming down,
My hooters in a vise!
My skin was stretched and mangled,
From underneath my chin.
My poor boob was being squashed,
To Swedish Pancake thin.
Excruciating pain I felt,
Within it's viselike grip.
A prisoner in this vicious thing,
My poor defenseless tit!
"Take a deep breath," she said to me,
Who does she think she's kidding?!?
My chest is mashed in her machine,
And woozy I am getting.
"There, that's good," I heard her say,
(The room was slowly swaying.)
"Now, let's have a go at the other one."
Have mercy, I was praying.
It squeezed me from both up and down,
It squeezed me from both sides.
I'll bet SHE'S never had this done,
To HER tender little hide.
Next time that they make me do this,
I will request a bl! indfold
I have no wish to see again,
My knockers getting steam rolled.
If I had no problem when I came in,
I surely have one now.
If there had been a cyst in there,
It would have gone "ker-pow!"
This machine was created by a man,
Of this, I have no doubt.
I'd like to stick his balls in there,
And, see how THEY come out!

Mail this to 13 other females. Now, don't break the chain! One female broke the chain, her plumbing became so bad, she now has an outhouse!

OK gals, now that you have had your laugh, remember...

Breast Cancer Awareness... Go have those boobs checked out and stay healthy! Pass the message on to your mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, cousins, friends, --- and even your enemies. Because the WORST enemy is Breast Cancer


  1. Haha...I am turning pink!

  2. man breast can do also hor? :-o

  3. Yeah, right, you guys can laugh about it coz it's our mammae that get squashed. Ouch!!

    Joe, yes, pink is a good colour. I am sure it looks great on you. haha..

    SF, man breast, ah. Don't know can or not - not big enough for detection leh.

  4. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Wafer thin balls?!!!

  5. the news here in UK just suggested that the checking actually didm more harm to woman. reason they gave is that only a few percentage is diagnosed with breast cancer, and majority of women get side effects from the checking and hurt their "payudera".

    medical debate...

    (for just-in-case sake, i would still check... but i would welcome any similar devise created to make some wafer-thin-balls. ;-P)

  6. Anonymous9:58 PM

    Ahahahahaha..... Who wrote this?

  7. Anonymous8:20 AM

    I support this campaign too

  8. LB, wafer thin balls? hmmm.... I have some ideas. But I'm not telling.

    YD, yeah, there are also two schools of thought for pap smears. To do or not to do - that is the question but on a serious note, like you I'd have it done if I'm at the crossroads.

    Ian, author unknown as this is a forwarded email and most people don't tend to appreciate authors. I would gladly give due credit. Let me know if you come across.

    Z, shall I say 'thank you' even though it's ours that are going through the works?. hehe...