Monday, October 16, 2006

A Doraemon Day

Good Morning! It's yet another new week. What will your day be? Will it be just another boring Monday?

Or will you be up to tricks to start the day?

Will you do a spot of entertaining?

Would you need Starbucks to get you through the day

Or have a snack after your play?

Would you blog a little

Relax a little..

and have yourself a merry Doraemon day.


  1. Anonymous10:20 AM

    I wish I could have a doraemon day!!

  2. i want 1 too!! but then who will do the work hah?

  3. Oh, my...I think I'm losing my MIND!!!!!!

  4. Lovely, definetly lovely..

    Hey, why all of them are Doraemons?
    Where are his friends? ^_~

    I prefer do a spot of entertaining..

  5. Doraemon days throughout the week for me!

  6. ang ang ang, totemo daisuki, doraemon...

  7. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Someone was saying that to me just because I have a purple watch
    I like doraemon
    Can I have one so it can help me do my work?

  8. Z, a purple watch! Wow! Show me, show me!

    YD, that's a sweet voice you have. haha..

    Joe, that could happen in a perfect world. I wish too.

    PP, unfortunately his friends are on holiday while Doraemons are doing the work.

  9. LB, take your pick. Any day for you!

    SF, what work?!

    MM, LOL.

  10. I love it. Would be a fun way for the office to go on strike and freak out the boss.

    It reminds me of a story from college days. I have no idea if it really happened, but I tend to think it did. A professor at a major university (UCLA I heard) had an annoying habit of not showing up for lectures. He would leave a big tape deck at the front of the room with a note saying he could not be there but please play the tape as he recorded his lecture on it.

    One day, the professor did show up and walked into the room only to see cassette tape recorders on all the desks - no students - and a message on the chalkboard saying that the class could not attend his lecture that day and asking him to please give his lecture to the tape decks!

  11. Pandabonium, this is a good one. What a prank or was it? Thanks for sharing that.

  12. cute!

    ang ang ang


  13. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Ehhh.. so cute!

  14. I want a doraemon DAY!!!!!!