Monday, October 19, 2009

Durian - that Funky Smelling Fruit

A friend from Thailand recently brought me a packet of preserved cuttlefish. This is a popular snack in this part of the world and you know how this food messes up the air quality of a confined space. So, the following day, I had to seriously work to get rid of the fishy odour in my car. No regrets though because the cuttlefish is worth it.

The other foodstuff that requires special attention is the durian fruit. How do you get rid of odors? There are three ways that work for me.

Lighting a match-stick is one way. If one doesn't work, strike a few more. The sulphur will be sure to rid the smell. The second method is to use charcoal. I have them in my fridge. Leave a few chunks (charcoal pills work too) in the car and the odor will be removed. The third method, however, needs a little bit more expenditure. Install an ionizer in your car. I used to have one in the car and the air quality was excellent. Everyone that I gave a lift to commented about the fresh and odorless air in my car. I'm not an air-freshener person so the ionizer worked perfectly. But after it broke down, I was not able to get a replacement so charcoal is the next best.

Our King of Fruits, the durian, is so famous that even Nat Geo think it necessary to do up a video of it and they even share a hotel's way of getting rid of the durian odor. Check it out.


  1. i still remember you blog about the preserved cuttlefish being poisonous?? haha.. i actually like it, but then definitely not durian!! :D

  2. SK does not like durian? Why? I can never understand people who dislike durians! LOL!

    Why want to get rid of the smell? I would want the smell of the durians to linger as long as possible. Haha!

    But thanks for sharing how to get rid of durian smell. I didn't know them! : )

  3. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Placing some pandan leaves in the car can help to remove the strong odour from the King Of Fruits.

  4. I hate durians..

    so smelly,


  5. That's interesting. I will try charcoal next time if there is a smell to get rid of.

    I love durian but cannot eat too much. It is very "yang" as in "yin and yang". If you get what I'm trying to say.

  6. I love durians. Yum! yum! I have it like...almost every week. ;P

  7. SK, you're right. The other type is the one they dry out in the sun which are normally used in soups.

    This type is the one that has been processed and ready to eat. I'm sure there are some undisclosed chemicals involved too.

    Foong, LOL! Fresh durian aroma is nice but not when it's a day old from the husk or the seed.

  8. Mei Teng, that's what I heard though I'd much prefer to have the smell totally removed leaving the place odorless. Any scent in the car leaves my woozy. My bad.

    Robin, what can I say! You're a Mat Salleh.. haha..

  9. Ai Shiang, I know what you mean that's why durian-eaters believe in drinking salt-water from the durian husk to counteract that heatiness. Knock on wood, durians have no such effect on me so I don't have to drink that brine.

    There is a belief that due to its heatiness, durians are never to be taken with liquor.

    Tekkaus, gosh! me too. In fact, I have a stock of it in the fridge. I still go for D24 type as it's sweet and drier than the others. I'll be sad to see the season ending.

  10. Oh, I'm going to get my durian ice kacang at Papparich tomorrow! : )

  11. Foong, I've heard conflicting feedback on food in Pappa Rich. Would love to hear what you have to say about it. Durian ice kacang? I think I'll pass because the only form I like about durians is the actual fruit itself not when it's made into something else, including durian ice-cream, durian candy, durian cakes, durian pudding, durian cookies, etc. However, there is one durian desert at Mandarin Oriental's that can rival the actual fruit. That would be THE alternative when durians are off-season though they need prior booking. :(

    Btw, have you tried the food at Island Red Cafe? I believe it has been changed to Pg (Penang) Red Cafe. I hear their coffee is superb (esp their ice-blended) and their toast is comparable or even better than Pappa Rich's. Your thoughts?