Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chinese simple life-saving tips

Sometime ago, there was an email that was going around suggesting a tip to quickly react to someone who is suffering from a stroke to reverse the effects. The other day, I received an email with the same tip plus a few others - good to know, actually.

Apparently, these are traditional Chinese health tips. Four situations are covered as per below. Take a look. They are worth a try just to prove that the tips work, if nothing else.

I'm posting it verbatim from the email and it's in both Chinese and English translation - but no source indicated, so whoever compiled this, thank you.

A disclaimer though: do it at your own risk, but pass on the information, anyway.

Subject: Fwd: FW: 4 Important Tips & 3 Saving a life three therapeutic methods To Know-- 四个重要的 简单知识


四个重要的 简单知识

1 Choked While Eating 噎到东西
2、Getting A Stiff Neck 落枕
3、Foot Cramp 脚抽筋
4、Foot Numb 脚麻了

Everybody try to pass on these knowledge, may teach the others, may save life !

Method share that saving a life:

1. Treatment for choked----"Raise Up Your Hands" Or "Hands Up"

2. You get out of bed by chance in the morning and discover getting a stiff neck? Is neck ache.
What to do once gets a stiff neck you should lifts your foot!
Slowly massage your big toes counter clockwise and clockwise .

3. 脚抽筋时
3. When the left leg cramps holding up high right hand, right foot cramp holding up high left hand, recover immediately

4. 脚麻了
4. If the left foot has been numb, swing your right hand palm. If the right foot has been numb, swing your left palm.

Writes certainly down for our father our mother [Saving a life three therapeutic methods]

First, is paralyzed ( no matter cerebral hemorrhage or embolism), the mouth & eye is crooked, takes the sewing needle to puncture the patient double earlobe most under spot immediately, squeezes out a drop of blood respectively, the patient cures immediately, moreover, does not have any side effect .

Second, after heart disease sudden death occurred, takes off the patient sock immediately, punctures its ten foot tiptoes with the sewing needle respectively, squeezes out a drop of blood respectively, having finish punctures ten foot tiptoes, the patient wake up .

Third, no matter asthma acute laryngitis and so on, discovered that the patient cannot breathe , hurry up to puncture its tip of the nose with the sewing needle, squeezes out two drops of black blood to recover.

The above three methods: there is no any danger, feel relieved about operation please equally, is effective all within 10 seconds. A love toward parents, I have sent my [Loving heart]


  1. Wah SK got three languages and now you got two..haha. Great idea Bananaz do have cramps occasionally in the early mornings especially after eating lots of kangkong for dinner. OK shall do the opposite for left leg raise right hand, right leg raise left hand, left leg right hand, right leg left hand ..let me memorize else may forgot lolz. tQ so much.

    1. I thought these are worth a try too. Right, I just hope I can remember what to do when the time comes. Hey, I know where I can stick this for quick access. I'll have it on the sidebar at 'For Quick Reference'. You can come here too. :p

      True about kangkong giving cramps.

  2. If both foot numb swing both palm no worries of left or right hmmm pretty cool. Bananaz got numbness often after sitting in full lotus for too long haha. Xie Xie

    1. You are welcome. No way you could meditate away the numbness? :)

    2. You can, just focus on the numbness it will eventually 'numb' your mind thus not feeling any pain or numbness. It's only after prayers or meditation that the leg(s) go numb while in sitting position and blogging etc haha.

  3. Yes, it's really helpful in those cases. Thanks for the info.

  4. thanks for sharing the great tips of health~

  5. i saw this circulating in FB quite some time ago, looks simple but have not tried to see if they are effective.. errrr, *touch wood* i guess i do not wish to need a chance to try them also, haha!! :D

  6. Anonymous2:43 PM

    Stiff neck, they say take your pillow and wallop... Pain will go. LOL!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing. Useful but not sure if can remember them!