Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Frolics - What Holiday Pie Matches Your Personality?

Just as readers here are reading this, people in the US and Canada and some other countries are celebrating Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving!

In line with this holiday, let's do a Thanksgiving personality quiz this week. Most of us do not celebrate Thanksgiving but we could replace the holiday with a major holiday or celebration in our culture, to answer the questions. Give it a shot and see which pie fits your personality.

Happy Thanksgiving again and Happy Friday!

You Are Pecan Pie

You love to open up your home during the holidays. You are all about generosity and hospitality.

You are the perfect holiday host, and even if you aren't hosting, you do your part to pitch in and help.

You really get into the spirit of the season without thinking about what you get out of it. For you, the holidays are about other people.

Whether you're baking homemade pies or picking out amazing gifts, you do what you can to put a smile on loved ones' faces.

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  1. i am APPLE PIE.. haha!!

    I love the holidays because they are the coziest time of year for me. I love to kick back and relax. I have holiday laziness down to a science. I order all my gifts online and pop some easy food into the oven. I don't get why people stress this time of year. I like to instead count my blessings and appreciate what's good in my life. I find the sounds and smells of this season to be a great comfort to me. And I am going to enjoy every moment!

  2. I am a pecan pie too!

  3. Bananaz is Lemon Pie..tQ

    You are modern and trendy, and you don't necessarily follow tradition. If it doesn't suit you, you throw it out and start again.
    You're the type to put an old twist on a new favorite. So maybe you'll have lemon meringue pie, but you'll also have a gingersnap crust.

    You love the holidays, but you can get bored if you do the same thing year after year. You're always looking to mix it up a bit.
    You love new holiday flavors, songs, movies, and products. You're happy to celebrate the season in a fresh way!

  4. can i have a piece of pie too~

  5. Mine says You Are Apple Pie