Wednesday, December 4, 2013 is a Home services site to bookmark

Now, here is a website you would want close at hand and I mean really close because it provides solutions that could make your life a lot easier, a lot less stressful and more enjoyable. is an online home services agency in Malaysia with a range of services that could and will improve your quality of life. Simple issues like air-conditioning,  plumbing or other home nitty-gritty stuff can be fixed in no time by experts that are just ready with their expertise. Need a new alarm system for your new home or office, or some handiwork around the house, or even cleaning services, you can find them all here.

Services listed include from airconditioning to autogate, alarms and locks; from flooring, home renovation and plumbing to pest control; from computers to maids and tuition teacher for your kids as well.

Practically everything you need help on for your home can be found listed here.  This is more like a one-stop center for everything for the home from moving house to fixing it up with renovations, garden landscaping, plumbing, cabinetry, furnishing with carpets and curtains, lighting, even art can be found here.  How cool is that!  See what I mean?  Everything for the home can be found here, there is no need to look any further.

I find this site straight-forward and easy to navigate with services listed in alphabetical order and the number of service providers shown in parenthesis to give you an idea. Another good thing about such a directory kind of site is that it makes comparing rates so much easier as you don't have to search for similar sites like you would normally have to. has them all at their site and obtaining a quote is just a mouse-click away.

I know my expat co-workers in the office would appreciate this website. At least they now have some leads to common services they might need in future. Frankly, every homeowner, expat or local, would do well to have Homeloq bookmarked because it will come in handy, I'm sure.  A working home is a happy home, right?


  1. Oh thanks for sharing this! Definitely will come in handy! : )

  2. You're welcome, Foong. Good things should be shared. :D

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