Saturday, November 16, 2013

Who has come visiting?

Sometimes I do wonder what were people looking for when they were directed here by the search engines. If you are one who looks at your blog statistics, you would have an idea what post(s) of yours are bringing in traffic, albeit just a one-time visit thingy maybe.

I've had people arriving here looking for 'sex partner in KL'.  My bad, it must have been a few supposedly 'sexy' jokes I posted.  And then there is the occasional visitor hoping to find KL rehab information, i.e., availability of rehab centers in KL.  I wish I have that information though I've written a few times about rehab centers in the U.S. either for oxycodone rehab or for other problems that may need some professional attention.

What's the most unusual keyword or keywords that you have encountered on your blog stats? Or you don't care?


  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Fat teacher... :(

  2. same goes here, my keyword is probably related with prostitution.. @.@