Monday, January 13, 2014

Pretty trunks for pretty things

If you are looking for a box or a container to put your knick-knacks or your child's toys, a Tack Trunk could be the answer. Trunks are not only functional, they do also add some aesthetics to a room just like these that I came across at a curio/gift shop the other day. Check these out.

Pretty, aren't they? Hmm.. they'd make great gifts too, don't you think?


  1. yes, indeed lovely ones..

  2. Yes those are really lovely..
    I m using dhl jumbo box lol

  3. So what would YOU keep in such a trunk, HappySurfer?

    Do you know what an elephant keeps in its trunk?
    Ans: A spare tire. ;)

  4. I think they would make great gift though not sure if it will last if as toy box for j...he is very ganas

  5. errr, i like the idea of boxes to store stuffs.. but not these floral designs and prints, haha, too "auntie" for me~~ :D