Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Frolics - Are you an Elitist or an Egalitarian?

This week's personality quiz makes you think a little, and I like that. So, get ready with your thinking cap and go........

Happy Friday, everyone!

Today is Thaipusam. Happy Thaipusam and happy holiday if you are celebrating just the day-off. :D

You Are an Elitist

You don't think that there is much broken with society. In fact, you think we could use more traditional thinking.

You believe that class and economic divisions are a natural part of life. Too much gets messed up when things are fussed with.

You are big on social stability. You think change only brings problems unless it's truly warranted.

You aren't heartless. You like the idea of a society with a social net, but you generally think people should be able to keep what they earn and inherit.

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  1. i am a PROGRESSIVE

    I believe that everyone should be given a fair shake at life, but that doesn't mean giving people handouts. I simply would like an even playing field where people can all work to get ahead. And I'd like to help those who struggle in life. I feel like we have progressed a lot in the modern world toward equality, but we still have a way to go. I don't think that we need to remake all of society to make things better... but a few changes are in order!

  2. Sama sama sk n bananaz