Monday, January 27, 2014

What does your Coffee mug say?

I hope the title of this post didn't give you the impression that this is a quiz post. It's not. It's just that our company decided to give everyone a coffee mug to commemorate a corporate event.

When it comes to corporate gifts either to give away or for the employees, there is no shortage of choices. After pens and t-shirts, custom coffee mugs would come in third, I suppose.

Speaking of coffee mugs, I'm sure every office has a good array of them, everyone having a mug with a witty line that's different from the rest.

Mine? The one I use is something like the one in the image although it's not meant for coffee but for good old-fashioned plain water. Sorry to disappoint you..


  1. mine?? i am using the free mug from my kitkat sharebag~~ hahaha!! so that doesn't really tell who i am~~ :p

  2. I got a mug from a good friend where I work previously...

    1. Red Devils just beat Vincent tan..