Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Supermodel Kate Moss

There's been so much hype about Kate Moss of late so thought
I'd post some trivia about her for your reading pleasure.

And while we're still at Brokeback Mountain, it'd be interesting
to watch Kate play a lesbian in the new movie opposite Charlize
Theron. I shall look forward to that to learn a trick or two...

Or perhaps not. Afterall, I still like wine. (For the definition
of wine, pls read the comments in this post.)

Kate Moss with Mario Testino at the Burberry Prorsum show in Milan last week
© Marcio Madeira/VOGUE.COM

KATE MOSS is reportedly considering a £1.5 million offer to pose for a new campaign for Calvin Klein – one of her first ever high profile signings. Since the scandal last year which saw her lose contracts with H&M and Chanel, Kate's earnings have been almost doubled by contracts with Roberto Cavalli, Longchamps, Stella McCartney and Virgin Mobile. Burberry is thought to have rehired her for autumn/winter 2006-7, too, in a deal which should garner her a further £1.05 million. (February 28 2006, AM)

KATE MOSS has apparently been approached by Brokeback Mountain director Ang Lee to play one of Dusty Springfield's early lovers in a biopic of the singer's life. In a coupling that is bound to threaten all previous box office records, Charlize Theron is thought to have been lined up to play the lead role in the film, which will feature Springfield's life from her birth in Hampstead to her death from breast cancer in 1999. "Kate is the ideal choice to play the love of Dusty's early life," a source told "She is beautiful, aloof and she epitomises swinging London. There'll probably be sexual scenes but as Ang is behind the cameras they will be very tastefully done. Kate's character breaks Dusty's heart and sparks off the chain of tumultuous relationships that dogged her throughout her life." (February 21 2006, AM)



  1. u know what? just before I read ur post, i just saw a newspaper report that Kate was found taking coccaine just before meeting Nelson Mandela at his house... she really needs to kick this habit or her future would be ruined...

    well, she's back to the front cover of Vogue again. :-)

  2. I get put off by these pretentious "super" whatever they are. In my humble opinion she's certainly not a role model for young ppl to emulate. But unfortunately looks are all that matters nowadays.

    Robin i may need that metal table of yours if happy goes after me ...!

  3. Hi YD, I agree that she has to kick the habit. I thought she did when she dumped that Doherty lad, her ex. It's actually easy for us to say because we're not in her shoes. She probably would need to go into rehab or go cold turkey.

    She's back on the front covers again and it's not surprising. I read that everyone who worked with her has high praises for her professionalism. That's why she's still in demand since she started out at age 14. Her friends have been a big help in getting her back on contracts, people like Stella McCartney for one. Kate is worth USD80million last I read and she's a great mom according to her daughter's dad.

  4. wah pretty angmoh cha boh,

    hmm why do most of them take drugs, messed up their life and get famous for it? hmmm

  5. and the metal table cannot be on loan, because it is permanently fixed.

    But u are welcome to share the space, we can play poker here!

  6. FH2o, thank you for your humble opinion though I do agree that her unfavourable side is not one to be emulated. Still, it would be nice to have you under the metal table for a change. haha.....

  7. Robin, I think drugs came later and they became more famous (or infamous).

    Metal table not on loan? FH2o, you will have to get your own then. hahahahaha.......

  8. U're right! I'm not one to hide under the table as I prefer to face (confront?) things head on ...(and have the scars to show for it!)

    But I'm not the least impressed by her and her likes ler; pretty or not. Style is nice but i prefer style with substance! My 'arrogant' opinion lor!

  9. FH2o, hiding under the table has its merits too as sometimes confrontations can lead to disasters which could cause irreversible damage. Or sometimes, there's no point in confronting - a mere waste of time.

    However, a fair fight is desirable at times. No name-calling, no bullying and no belittling the opposite camp is important to bear in mind.

    You're entitled to your opinion of course but generally it's difficult to put a finger on anyone's personality or character just reading or hearing about it. No one is perfect. It's good not to judge and arrogance can knock one off his pedestal. ;)

  10. my favorite past-times, Hide under the table and shoot water from watergun at all the knees that walk pass..

    haha.. Yes, my best friend is Dennis ...

  11. Ahhhh.....the Menace.

    Some people will never get to experience the joy of being under the table. Enjoy it.

  12. I still think she is pretty.. perhaps she will come into my dream sometime.

    Nowadays, dreams are lesser as life gets busier.

  13. She's pretty, but her face has a bit too much of a, "Yeah, you just WISH you could afford me, don't you" look to it. That tends to turn me off.

  14. "Nowadays, dreams are lesser as life gets busier."
    - Robin, never lose your dreams for without them there would be nothing in life to look forward to.

    MM, ah-ha, therein lies the challenge! Pretty as they are, but are we putting these people on a pedestal to be thinking like that?

  15. I'm going with moody on this one. And as FH2o put it, style looks better with substance. And let's give Robin some time alone with Kate.

  16. Agus, just to tap your brains a little, how would you define "substance" in her case?

    It's shocking when I hear comments like yours and FH2o's.

    I just feel that people like her are being unfairly branded just because they live life in the fast lane and may sometimes go overboard with their antics.
    Oh well. Peace.

  17. Movie stars, models, and other celebs....BORING! They are all just people. Some of them can't handle the fame and money. Some can.

    I find the "ordinary" people in my life far more interesting - like the people who write the blogs I visit.

  18. Don't get me wrong - I've nothing against a pretty face (and body)!
    A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

    Fast life n antics in the fast lane is fine. But sorry, taking drugs is not cool. Period.

    Have a Nice Drugs-Free Weekend!

  19. Pandabonium, right! They're just people and people do have flaws but never enough to be unfairly branded.

    "I find the "ordinary" people in my life far more interesting - like the people who write the blogs I visit."
    --I'd drink to that.

  20. Hi FH2o, point noted. Taking drugs is not cool.

  21. I totally understand your point but don't get me wrong either. Read about the substance in my blog.

  22. Don't get me wrong - I've nothing against a pretty face (and body)!
    A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

    Just don't let women know that you regard them as "things", FH2o. It makes them irritable.

  23. So FH2O, I assume you would include tobacco and alcohol in that? Even though widely legal, they are the two most abused chemicals - and far more deadly than most of the illegal drugs.

    By the way, I like having "something" against a pretty body!

    Did I say that? ;)

  24. I would love to lean 'against' a pretty body..

    hehe.. no hum sup har.

  25. MM, I think "irritable" is an understatement. But then again, it will not make any difference to the insensitive.

    Pandabonium, I agree that tobacco and alcohol are substances that are more widely abused. Is it because people don't see it that way or is it just double standards?

    "By the way, I like having "something" against a pretty body!


    I would love to lean 'against' a pretty body.."

    -- Testosterone talking. :)

  26. hehe,,, at least that is normal!!

    I hope...