Thursday, March 30, 2006

Claude Monet, his Flowers, his Paintings

Flowers! I love flowers! I love them for their colours.
I love them for their different shapes and sizes and
I love them for the cheer they bring. I mean look at the
ones here in Pandabonium's post or in Robin's. Don't you
just love flowers?! No? Awwww....just too bad. Anyway,
just stay awhile and enjoy these lovely pictures of flowers
in Claude Monet's gardens and a few of his beautiful paintings.
(I probably could be shot (metaphorically) for posting so
many pictures but I just couldn't help it - I didn't know
where to stop as they're all so gorgeous.) For names of the
flowers, you can visit their sites listed below.

These are a few of Monet's beautiful paintings. It is
not difficult to see where Monet got his inspiration from.

Water Lily pond in Giverny
Garden at Sainte Adresse

Rock Arch West of Etretat

Irises in Monet s Garden

Monet, Claude (b. Nov. 14, 1840, Paris, Fr.--d. Dec. 5, 1926, Giverny)
French painter, initiator, leader, and unswerving advocate of the Impressionist style. He is regarded as the archetypal Impressionist in that his devotion to the ideals of the movement was unwavering throughout his long career, and it is fitting that one of his pictures--Impression: Sunrise (Musée Marmottan, Paris; 1872)--gave the group his name.

The impressionist style of painting is characterized chiefly by concentration on the general impression produced by a scene or object and the use of unmixed primary colors and small strokes to simulate actual reflected light.

Did you know that
Pure black is rarely used by the impressionist painters. Monet obtained an appearence of black by combining several colors : blues, greens and reds. He eliminated almost completely black from his painting, even in the shadows. In the Red Boats, Argenteuil, shadows are purple.

Avoiding black was so deeply anchored in Monet's manner that when he died, his friend Georges Clemenceau would not stand the black sheet covering the coffin. He exclaimed : "No ! No black for Monet !" and replaced it by a flowered material.


1. Claude Monet Life and Art
2. Claude Monet's garden at Giverny>


  1. Water lilies is definitely my cup of tea...

  2. Hi Lrong, yes, water lilies. A pondful of them is sheer delight.

  3. Thanks for the pretty pictures! Rock Arch is now my desktop wallpaper. Love it.

  4. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Ah....ah...Beautiful FLOWERS!!Almost everyone loves them.

    Lotus are my fancy flowers.
    荷花 -- 出於污泥而不染

    Exactly represents ME. :-)

    How about you, Happy?

  5. Agus, as in 'steady as a rock'? haha..

    Hey, I just skimmed through your latest entry - some cool stuff you got there. At the end of the day, you could put them together and come up with something publishable, who knows. Documenting the details is a good start. Good for you.

  6. Hello Pinkpanther, thanks for coming back.

    Lotus, so lovely and pure. Exactly represents you? Wow!

    Me? I'm naughty!! haha....

  7. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Monet wasn't exactly a typical "starving artist", was he (thank goodness)?

    That's definitely a spread of pictures to wake up your eyes...and your soul!

  8. No wonder Unker stayed away!!!

    You have too much flowers and too beautiful...


  9. MM, exactly. Wow!! Flowers are not only inspiring, they pick you up in an instant, at least it works for me.

    Monet, a starving artist? Far from it I'd day.

    Robin, poor thing, he could be allergic - probably need antihistamines before he comes near any flower post. haha..

  10. Thanks for the beautiful post about one my favorite artists. What a wonderful legacy he left for us all.

  11. Hi Pandabonium. "What a wonderful legacy he left for us all."
    -- I couldn't agree more.

    If I'm not mistaken, one of his paintings (probably a print) was featured in the movie "The Thomas Crown Affair" - this one, I think.

    1. I meant the first picture in the linked page.

  12. like you said, if anyone do not like flowers, it is just "too bad"

  13. Dear Red Sponge, thank you for taking the trouble to visit this old entry. Hope you enjoyed your visit. Lovely flowers, aren't they?