Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Frolics - The Ketchup Test

Seems like everything we do has a bearing on our personality, even how we like our ketchup, which is the subject of this week's Friday frolic.

Happy Friday everyone. It's overcast here in Kuala Lumpur. Hope yours is better.

You Are Methodical

You are slow and steady, but it's only because your mind is constantly working overtime.

You like to figure out the best way of doing things, even if it takes you a while on the first few tries.

You have a very systemized and structured life. People may not realize it from the outside, but you are good at minimizing errors.

You're the type of person who loves to organize and put things in their proper place. In fact, once you get started, it can be hard to stop!

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  1. You are a highly playful and often content person. You know how to entertain yourself.
    And it's a good thing that you're your own best friend, because you often find life around you to be quite boring.

    Bananaz is Creative..tQ HS have a great weekend & enjoy the Final game

    You move at a mental place a little quicker than those around you. You are often coming up with games to keep yourself busy.
    You are a bright light in a room of dull people. Even though you stand out, you often go under appreciated.

  2. same result i got here.. so i guess you chose "Pour some on the side of your plate for dipping"??

  3. i like to eat fried chicken~ XD

  4. Oh mine is same as yours! Slow and steady is good :D

  5. Same, methodical.. Guess most people are methodical kua, no?