Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oh boy Oh boy Oh boy! Brazil 1 - Germany 7 (World Cup semi-finals)

Woh! What a semi-final defeat for the Brazilian team in the 2014 World Cup semi-finals!

Brazil 1 - Germany 7

The goals..

Brazil's coach, Scolari: The Worst Day of My Life..

While Germany's Joachim Low says We need to remain humble.

Will we see another similar upset in today's match or rather tomorrow's match? Argentina vs Netherlands next.

Who are you rooting for?

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  1. woke up at 4am, watched for 30 minutes and nothing much more worth watching than going back to bed.. :p

  2. Congrats to Germany! I have been rooting for Germany since Day One. They have not disappoint me! Hooray! Although I was still quite shocked that Brazil only managed 1 goal LOL!

  3. yeah, sad Brazil lose~

  4. Was in shock when heard it this afternoon