Wednesday, July 2, 2014

McDonalds CocaCola Glasses 2014 Limited Edition

Collectors, your chance to add to your collection of McDonalds Limited Edition Coca-Cola Glasses.

The first glass in the series (clear glass colourless this time) made it's appearance last week on June 26, to be exact. If you haven't got yours, hurry get yours today as the next one starts tomorrow, July 3.

If you're a newbie, the MCD glass is given out free with every Large Coca-Cola Glass Meal as it is called.

Other McDonalds Coca-Cola Glass series:
- 2012 Olympics series
- 2011 Series

Images courtesy of McDonalds website and Facebook site


  1. hmmm, i am not going for the glass this round.. furthermore the so-called Coca-Cola Glass Meal is the GCB that I do not fancy..

  2. Oh, I've seen this.. Buy a large value meal and the glass comes free..

  3. comment caved in... MIA?

  4. Adoi technical glitch lately. Nope shall pass collecting the Glass, no likey cold drinks moreover having problem with storage in my small cave.