Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Frolics - The Five Factor Emotional Intelligence Test

Ahh.. the haze is back in Kuala Lumpur but it rained early this morning, so that helped to clear the smog a little. The good side of "our kind of haze" here in Malaysia is that it's only at certain times of the year, not all year round. Phew! But I digress. It's Friday again, so a personality quiz is in order. Find out how emotionally intelligent are you this week..

Happy Friday, everyone!

You Sometimes Attend to Your Emotions

You find expressing your emotions to be quite natural. You just say and show how you feel.

You balance heart and head when conducting your life. Facts matter, but feelings matter too.

You are somewhat emotionally responsive. You react emotionally, but you are not overly sensitive.

You are an extremely empathetic person. You find it easy to put yourself in someone else's shoes.

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  1. oh, i don't attend to my emotions!!!

    I can express my emotions, but it's not always easy for me. It takes me a while to open up. I always make my decisions based on facts and logic. I never listen to my heart, because I know it can lead me astray. I am somewhat emotionally responsive. I react emotionally, but I am not overly sensitive. I am a fairly empathetic person. I try to at least understand where other people are coming from.

  2. Eh thot was the very first to comment but its gone? Sama sama HS wearing people's shoes pretty often

  3. Same here - You Sometimes Attend to Your Emotions..