Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Frolics - The Knitting Test

Guys, I hope the title on Knitting did not turn you off.

I am always in awe as to how a few simple questions in a quiz can tell so much about a person. And this week's quiz is even simpler, just pick a preferred image and voila a part of your personality is revealed. Now, take the quiz and see whether this week's quiz is accurate about you as it is me.

Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend, everyone!

You Are Individualistic

You like to do your own thing in life. Some may accuse you of breaking the rules, but you rarely know what the rules are.

You like to dive in and figure things out the best you can. By getting rid of expectations, you get amazing results.

You don't like dealing with details. You are more of a big picture oriented person, and you can figure out the steps as you go along.

You may have a colorful persona, but you are a private person deep down. You don't show your innermost self to just anyone.

Have you taken the EQ Test?


  1. Bananaz is Uninhibited..thought am a perfectionist?? tQ have a great weekend.

    You are an impulsive and hyper person. You just act without thinking about whether it's proper to do so.
    You are full of enthusiasm and passion. You follow your heart, and it takes you to pretty interesting places.

    You do good work, but you are the furthest thing from a perfectionist. You know how to patch over mistakes.
    You are too restless to be meticulous. You try to do a good enough job and then revise if needed.

  2. I'm Popular, haha..

    You are just a naturally likable person. You treat others well, and people appreciate your respect.
    You are very fair-minded and just. You know that you can't get your way all the time, and you are willing to compromise.

    You don't take life too seriously, and you have a playful persona. In fact, some may consider you to be a flirt.
    You are adaptable and willing to consider new opportunities. You try to be open, even to things you react negatively to at first.