Saturday, December 6, 2014

Nice kitty

Cat goes green.. Nice!

From The Star:

Locals, who first spotted the feline in Bulgarian seaside town of Varna, had initially assumed that the cat was abused by vandals who had painted him green.

They even set up a Facebook group to catch the perpetrators.

However, it seems that the feline was sleeping on top of an abandoned pile of synthetic green paint in a garage.

It is believed that the paint gradually covered the entire cat, giving him unusually vibrant appearance.

It also seems that the colour is not coming off any time soon as each nap he takes just makes the colour stronger.

Based on reports, it is unclear to whether the green feline belongs to anyone or it is just another stray cat roaming the streets of Varna.


  1. Aiyoyo, poor cat.. It says the colour is not coming off anytime soon, and each time, it seems the colour is getting stronger wor.. Sei lor, looks like a witch's cat, haha..

    1. Poor cat? Maybe he likes it. I know I like the change, kinda like an alien cat as in a cat from another galaxy. (I know, I've been watching too much of Ancient Aliens on the telly.) I just hope he's not being poisoned by the paint.

  2. the cat doesn't look happy at all :(

  3. He doesn't? Maybe he's got a mirror installed at home and doesn't like what he sees. Maybe he wants a shade darker or lighter.