Wednesday, December 3, 2014

QSC K10 10" Speakers

If you are in the U.S, and are in the market for speakers, you have got to check out the qsc k10, known for its amazingly powerful output and killer sound quality for its size.

The QSC K10 10" powered loudspeaker features a revolutionary 1000W power module, delivers high-quality amplification, HF driver, and low-frequency driver of the K-Series speakers, offering ~90° conical coverage and 129dB peak output, low frequencies extending to ~56Hz.

The K10 offers exceptional power and performance from an extremely compact system, and it can also be used as an ultra low-profile, horizontal wedge or side fill.

User reviews indicate the following Pros:

Compact (13)
Good audio (13)
Durable (11)
Easy to use (11)
Lightweight (11)
Clear sound
- among others.

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