Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday frolics - The Comfort Test

Sweet! It's Friday again. Time to ditch the hustle and bustle of the week and take that well-deserved weekend wind-down.

This week's quiz is an easy one - no thinking needed. The Comfort Test will reveal what you find most comforting if you don't already know that about yourself. Take the quiz to find out.

Happy Friday!

What's hot news in KL? The political scene..
And GST. Got charged 10% service charge at Nandos last night, plus the 6% GST, of course. Maybe I'll add this onto the list on the CheckGST website which some nice lady has set up.

Alright, the quiz..

You Find Warmth Comforting

You don't mind being cold, but the best part of a chilly day is warming up.

You love to be covered in warmth, whether it's from cuddling, blankets, a roaring fire, or a warm drink.

You are naturally a warm-hearted person, and you live your life with compassion. You are very sensitive.

You depend on your self care rituals and favorite comforts to keep you sane. You are good at winding down.
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  1. Bananaz need the comfort of "Rest"

  2. better check if the original price did they mark up due to their suppliers charging extras.

  3. Princess finds Stories comforting :)