Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Frolics - How Much Structure Do You Need?

Everyone needs some kind of structure in life. For some, maybe less, a lot less? Take this week's quiz to find out a wee bit more about yourself.

On a side note, KL is a little hazy today. It's been very hot and humid lately. Maybe taking the cue that it's summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Fortunately, no heatstroke victim here unlike in Pakistan where hundreds have succumbed to the heat.

KL is known for its many shopping complexes which is a plus in this hot weather, perhaps. More people can stay cool in their aircond environment. :D

Happy Friday, everyone!

You Don't Need Structure in Your Life

In fact, you prefer life to be a little chaotic. Things get boring when they're predictable!

You like to shake things up as much as possible. Routine makes you feel like you're trapped in your life.

You hate rules, schedules, and plans. You feel like life is much better when you're able to be spontaneous.

You've been known to purposely break a rule from time to time. It's fun to life on the edge!

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  1. for me it says :You Need Structure in Your Life

  2. Same with Meow, Princess needs structure in life wor..

  3. Same same with Meow & Princess