Monday, February 20, 2017

Kim Jong-nam Assassination scene on You Tube

More and more information has emerged on the assassination of Kim Jong-nam.

The latest, a video clip has been posted a few hours ago, Feb 19, on You Tube, supposedly of security camera footage leading to Kim Jong-nam's death.

The Star reported that:

The clip, which is over five minutes long, showed a man walking into the airport lobby, looking at flight schedules before approaching a self check-in kiosk.

Two women then approached him from opposing directions behind him.

A woman with a shoulder-length hair resembling the woman holding the Vietnamese passport was seen placing her arms over his head before reaching over for his face.

She was seen leaving a split second later, as did the other woman.

The women walked away hurriedly and were seemingly calm.

The man was seen walking swiftly to an information counter where he spoke to two personnel there.

They took him to the arrival hall where two policemen in uniform, and was seen gesturing with his hands, as if miming what had just happened to him.

The two policemen then took him to a clinic there.

From then on the clip repeats the earlier snippets of the same video.


UPDATE: 24 February
IGP: Nerve agent used in Kim Jong-nam murder

Family member or relative of Kim Jong-nam to arrive on Saturday to identify body

How the Hit Team Came Together to Kill Kim Jong Nam

South Korea blasts news of Kim Jong-nam's murder to North
.. The Star:

South Korea is using giant loudspeakers to blast news of the dramatic assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's half-brother across the border with its reclusive northern neighbour, it was reported Thursday.

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