Monday, February 13, 2017

World Class Music Education at GuitarCenter

If you are a music lover or more precisely own or play a musical instrument you are lucky if you have a music store that is near where you live.

Take for example the GuitarCenter Knoxville. They offer comprehensive repair services. Their techs are as passionate about your instruments as you are, with the experience needed to keep them performing at their best.

Not only do they have musical instruments that meet every budget, choice and style, GuitarCenter also has a wide array of new, used and vintage gear in stock that are plugged in and ready for you to play.

And not only do they carry lots of guitars, they also offer an incredible assortment of keyboards, drums, recording equipment, DJ gear and PA systems.

Here's something that might be up your alley if learning how to do recording is on your bucket list.

From Feb 18, 10:15AM to 11:00AM, Guitar Center is proud to offer this beginner recording group lesson for all of their newest GarageBand users. Every customer will get the chance to learn best practices for recording, in a fun and family-friendly environment. The “Press Record: GarageBand” is a 45-minute group lesson which starts at 10:15AM, is free, and for all ages. This is a Local Store Event.

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