Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Kuala Lumpur is 2nd Friendliest City in the World

Hey, no haze today, not here on the peninsula and cleaner air too over at East Malaysia on the island of Borneo. Check our the map below..

Back to Kuala Lumpur, did you know that KL has been voted the 2nd Friendliest City in the World? This is according to

Says here on the website: "Malaysians are naturally friendly and nice to strangers, and Kuala Lumpur is the best example of this. The easy-going temperament of locals and their friendliness towards visitors means that it’s easy to make friends here. KL is a top spot for both tourists and expats."

There you have it. By the way 2020 is Visit Malaysia Year! So starting planning your trip now!

If you must know, Vancouver takes the top spot. "Vancouver takes top spot, thanks to its extraordinarily friendly residents. The city has an amazing multicultural community who band together to make visitors feel welcome and safe at all times. Locals are quick to offer assistance to tourists and the community vibe makes socialising in Vancouver simple."

Other cities making up the Top 10 are Bruges, Belgium (coming in at 3rd place), Taipei, Taiwan (4th), Hamburg, Germany (5th), Dublin, Ireland (6th), and Christchurch, New Zealand (7th), 8th is Nashville, Tennessee, USA, 9th is São Paulo, Brazil and at 10th is Glasgow, Scotland.

Other South-East Asian cities that make it to the Top 50 list are Chiang Mai, Thailand (11th), Siem Reap, Cambodia (20th), Singapore (24th), and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (46th).

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