Sunday, September 22, 2019

The Haze in the Sky

We are still hazed here in Kuala Lumpur and most parts of Malaysia, East and West but at least the sun is able to shine through albeit looking like a salted egg yolk in the sky.

However, The Star reported that Number of areas with unhealthy API readings rises to 38.

In Kuala Lumpur, the API readings in Cheras and Batu Muda's API readings remained in the unhealthy category at 153 and 173 respectively, while Putrajaya recorded API reading of (138) followed by Minden (140) and Balik Pulau (151) in Penang.

Other areas with unhealthy API readings were Tangkak, Johor (106); Johan Setia Klang (193), Kuala Selangor (152), Petaling Jaya (148), Shah Alam (143), Klang (131), dan Banting (116) in Selangor and Nilai (140) and Seremban (124) in Negeri Sembilan.

An API between zero and 50 indicates good air quality; 51 and 100, moderate; 101 and 200, unhealthy; 201 and 300, very unhealthy and 301 and above, hazardous.

A look at the API reading in and around Kuala Lumpur..


A bit of good news: DOE: Cloud seeding successfully brought down Sri Aman API from 400 to 125

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