Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday Frolics: What Type of Genius Are You?

It's Friday again so here's another fun quiz which I reproduced from a Malaysian Cleo magazine. It looks like a long quiz but don't be deterred by the length. The results are worth the trudge, believe me. By the way, this quiz appears like it's skewed towards the Venus gender but I'd say it's still applicable for both genders. Use your good judgment. Besides, this is just for fun, right?

The latest research shows that there are at least five types of intelligence. That means we are all eggheads. To find out your true genius, take this test.

How to do it
Circle the answer that applies to you most strongly. Don't spend too long thinking about the questions - if more than one answer fits, choose the one you instinctively do/feel/think most often in the given situation. Then total up your symbol scores, check out "How You Fared" to find out what sort of genius you are.

Okay, got pen and paper ready?

1. Which of these is the best description of your bedroom?

Spiral: It's a retreat, painted in your favourite soothing colour with floaty curtains, scented candles and vases of freshly-cut flowers.

Square: It's practical rather than designer style. You don't spend much time there, except when you're sleeping.

Star: It's homely and the walls are covered with photographs of your friends and family.

Triangle: It's full of books, magazines and old newspaper articles that you haven't got around to reading yet.

Circle: Your bed is neatly made and all yur clothes are hung up or folded away - even your shoes are packed away in their boxes.

2. When you read a newspaper, which pages do you turn to first?

Circle: News - you always catch up on the latest current affairs.

Square: The culture section, or the back pages - knowing the latest football scores is vital.

Star: The gossip pages - you have to be up-to-date on celebrity news to chat about it with your mates.

Spiral: The horoscopes - you can't relax until you know what's in the stars.

Triangle: The entertainment listings - you love knowing where's hot to go and where's not.

3. Which of these most closely matches your favourite daydream?

Square: You're on a podium receiving a gold medal.

Star: You're on holiday on a tropical beach with all your best mates.

Circle: You're offered the job of your dreams complete with a hefty salary, company car and your own office.

Triangle: You're on a date with the hot celeb of your dreams.

Spiral: You quit your job, pack up your ruck-sack and spend a whole year travelling around the world.

4. You're at a friend's party when you spot the sexiest bloke you've seen in ages. You:

Triangle: Walk over and introduce yourself.

Star: Catch his eye and flutter your lashes until he comes over to you.

Spiral: Smile in his direction, but focus on having fun with your mates. If the two of you are meant to get it on, it'll happen naturally.

Circle: Quiz your friend about who he is, where he works, what he's like, whether or not he's got a girlfriend.

Square: Hit the dance floor (even if there wasn't one until now) and use your irresistible moves to hypnotise him.

5. What makes you laugh?

Triangle: A girlie night down at the pub with your best mates. After a few drinks you always get the giggles.

Spiral: Spending time with little kids. They're so cute that they always have you in hysterics.

Square: Slapstick comedy. People falling over or being clumsy - it's hilarious.

Circle: You've got quite a dark and sarcastic sense of humour, so jokes at other people's expense make you chuckle.

Star: Watching Saturday Night Live and Scrubs with your mates.

6. Which of these do you never leave the house without?

Triangle: Your mobile - you have to be able to stay in touch with your mates.

Square: An umbrella - you like to walk around everywhere.

Star: Your make-up bag - you're always ready for a night on the town.

Spiral: Your lucky charm - you're seriously superstitious.

Circle: Your watch - you hate being late.

7. What do you fear most?

Square: Losing your health.

Circle: Losing your job.

Triangle: Losing your friends.

Star: Losing your looks.

Spiral: Losing your boyfriend.

8. You've got a hot date with a new man. What do you wear?

Spiral: Customised jeans, a funky top and a furry jacket.

Star: A sexy skirt with knee-high boots, trendy fishnets and a glam top.

Circle: You meet him straight from work - it's your personality he should be interested in, and you don't want to come across as a sex bomb.

Square: Cool, but comfy, combats and trainers combination.

Triangle: A fantastically expensive designer outfit you persuaded your best mate to lend you.

If you scored more of one symbol than any other
This is your genius Q, the one that you effortlessly excel at and your greatest natural asset in life. You always react to events and cope with them using this Q and it's your most instinctive approach to any emotional, practical or physical crisis. The description for that Q should fit you very strongly. You may benefit from developing the types of Q you scored low on, so read the tips on how you can enhance your Q in each section.

If you have two equally high scoring symbols
Both the descriptions should fit you quite strongly. You'll find you switch from one Q to the other in different situations, depending on which approach you sense will work best.

If your answers are spread among three or more of the symbols
Read all the relevant sections and you'll recognise aspects of yourself in all the Qs, which means you're a great all-rounder. But maybe you're hiding one particular Q under a bushel? Are you stifling a natural talent because it didn't fit in with what your parents expected of you?

If you scored mostly circles, you've got a high IQ. You are an INTELLECTUAL GENIUS.

Strong points:
You're self-motivated, ambitious and well organised. Practical concerns, like work and money, are very important to you and you instinctively know how to excel in these areas. "People with a high IQ have a great ability to concentrate and solve problems, and have the motivation to achieve great professional success," says psychologist, Joe Maddox.

Watch out for:
Being too obsessive and hypercritical of yourself and others. You can find it hard to relax or make friends.

Perfect careers:
You'd do well in medicine, law or business. Your organisational abilities also mean you'd make a great PA.

If you didn't pick any circles:
Switch off the TV (unless it's a quiz show) and start reading a book or newspaper. Anything that exercised your brain will boost your problem-solving abilities and improve your memory and IQ.


Strong points:
You're easy-going, caring, relaxed and will always put yourself out for others. Equally, you understand the importance of your own well-being and are probably interested in New Age things. You're a good listener and have masses of natural empathy and compassion. You instinctively understand that there is more to life than material things and making money.

Watch out for:
Being irresponsible and over-emotional - you often find it impossible to step back from a stressful situation, so remember to think before you act.

Perfect careers:
You have a strong caring streak - nursing or childcare would suit you, as would campaigning on issues you care about. You'd also enjoy being a vet.

If you don't pick any spirals:
Try to focus on your hopes and dreams for the future and learn to relax and spend time doing the things that make you happy and fulfilled.


Strong points:
You're in touch with your emotions. You have a great sense of humour, are confident and make friends easily. You bounce back well from life's knocks because you can sort through your emotions without getting depressed. You instinctively know when situations are right for you and when people are taking advantage of you.

Watch out for:
Your self-confidence being mistaken for arrogance by less secure people. You get bored easily because you're always looking for new and exciting ideas.

Perfect careers:
You love to be the centre of attention and would be a natural working in people-oriented industries such as entertainment, media or advertising.

If you didn't pick any stars:
Develop your self-confidence and don't suppress emotions. Spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself.


Strong points:
You find it easy to talk to strangers because you know so much and can talk the hind legs off a donkey. You may speak more than one language. "You find it easy to influence other people and get them on your side. This is useful both in your personal life and in your career as it means people are keen to please you and willing to go out of their way to help you out," says psychologist, Joe Maddox.

Watch out for:
Seeming manipulative and insincere as you've got the gift of the gab.

Perfect careers:
You could have a great career in sales, PR, journalism or broadcasting where your talent for talking will earn you cash.

If you didn't pick any triangles:
Be open to visiting new places to experience a variety of new people and learn what makes them tick.


Strong points:
You have great control over your body and your co-ordination is above average - you're probably a talented athlete or dancer. Gilles d'Ambra, author of Measure Your EQ Factor, says, "You live through your senses and want to make the most of everything life has to offer. You're likely to be a touchy-feely kind of girl." You're a natural flirt with your instinctive understanding of body language.

Watch out for:
Not stopping to think and missing out on the emotional qualities of friendship. You're so busy "doing", you sometimes don't bother with people who're less active than you.

Perfect careers:
Anything that taps your ability to make your body do what you want it to.

If you didn't pick any squares:
Those with high VQs should take part in team sports. If you have high IQs or SQs, try something spiritual like yoga.


So, what type of genius are you?
(I'm an IG, I need yoga.)

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  1. haha.. have u tried meditation?

    It may also find out more about yourself too..


  2. Robin, honestly, I've always wanted to learn meditation. Is it possible to teach online? Some tips, pls?