Thursday, January 24, 2008

Beijing Promises A Green Olympics

The scenario below brings to mind Malaysia a few years ago when we were shrouded in thick smog. It was a cause for concern as the Commonwealth Games were approaching and we were the host. However, with open burning not curtailed, this same scenario can resurface anytime.

Traffic clogged a road in Beijing's Central Business District earlier this month

While Beijing is gearing up to The Olympics in August, the city is faced with persistent air pollution despite promises to stage a green Olympics. Beijing is planning to reduce its motor traffic by half during the Games to improve air quality and ease traffic flow, according to a newspaper report on Wednesday.
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  1. An air pollution-free Olympic is just the first step, but there is more to it. How about rubbish?

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  4. KS, any event of that magnitude's gotta come with equal-size logistics. I'm sure they would have considered everything. I hope.

    PandaB, that too. The prospect of anything going wrong is scary, in a way.

    The colorman, hi! Yes, green - with a vengence. lol

  5. Im sure Beijing will get everything settled - the 'can do' attitude of China! :)

  6. QC, my exact sentiments but not only China, any nation for that matter, right? Everything will surely work out in the end, generally.