Friday, January 25, 2008

Hooters of the Future

Scanning through my site analytics, noticed some rather interesting hits lately, such as these:

- playboy calendar
- looking for sex kl
- sperm count hospitals in kuala lumpur -- must have hit that sperm bank joke
- playboy party kuala lumpur
- hair salon special service sex kl (huh??)

and mind you, some of these even topped the search results! I checked.

And these two:

- big cock kuala lumpur
- man big cock

are purely innocent searches, I'm sure. Now, don't get any ideas. They were probably just looking for this little fella.

And then, there were some other (harmless) keywords like:

- feeling sad ecard -- imagine getting hit by a request for a sad card on a happy site?!
- super crab
- twinkle twinkle little star bet your wondering where we are answering machine
- if you are left handed where should buttons on a shirt be -- I touched on this in one of my posts
- dengue mosquito look -- this one, cute way of putting it. The Look. Anyone?
- the song \'\'honesty is the best policy\'\' -- this number is new to me

Oh yeah, one more I forgot to include and that's "hooters kl". You wish!

Anyway, as promised in an earlier post, here is the Hooters video.

I love Fridays. Did I ever mention that?! Probably a thousand times already.

Ladies and Gentleman, enjoy Hooters of the Future


  1. LOL, gotta love Fridays & Hooters, although, gimme Fridays first!

  2. Fridays for me too. Afterall I'm a Friday's child. Yep, "loving and giving", that's me. lol

    Nah! I just love Fridays because of the prospect of the weekend to hang loose and let down the proverbial hair.

  3. If I had been looking for hooters I would never have moved to Japan. :P

    When I see some that big I always thing about what effect 20 or 30 years of gravity will have. :o

  4. PandaB, I'm tickled by your thought. Too much of any good thing can be harmful too, right? Even Dolly Parton had hers reduced.