Sunday, February 17, 2008

Get a Medical Id if you need one

Over here in Malaysia, people who are in need are not in the habit of using medical jewelry, which leaves much to be desired.

Recently, a colleague and her family went through a harrowing experience as her sister suddenly collapsed while out shopping and ended up in a hospital.

Paramedics who came to her rescue had no idea of her medical condition. Her sister is diabetic. If she had a medical id with her, treatment would have been more precise and speedy. Luckily, her sister survived the ordeal. After that incident, the family insisted that she wears a medical id. She was given the choice of a watch or a bracelet. She picked the bracelet. Medical ids could save lives so wear one if you need to.


  1. Where do you get medical id in Malaysia? Those medical id suppliers from the internet do not ship to Malaysia.

  2. Same here trying to find medical ID too.