Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Monday!

Is it Monday already? Gosh! Sometimes I wish weekends are three days or even four?! That's stretching it a little, I know. The mind is still in bed. This happens when I'm sleep-deprived and "me-time"-deprived from OD-ing on couldn't-escape social functions (this is still the Chinese New Year, is it not?)

Music is uplifting. So, let's have some uplift from The Beatles! Watch John Lennon in the first video. Fun character!

...and Here Comes The Sun and I say, it's alright.


  1. Two marvelous videos for two great songs!! Love the second better. Thanks for the Monday Lift! HUGS XXXX

  2. Yeah! I like most of Beatles songs. Pretty uplifting. I'm tickled by the word 'lift', Oops! Shouldn't repeat it too often. Tsk tsk! lol

  3. Thanks for those. I am especially fond of "Here comes the sun" - especially in winter!

  4. You're welcome, PandaB.