Thursday, February 21, 2008

Women's Goofy Moments

When we come across an auto accident, we sometimes wonder how that came about noticing that the vehicle is in an usual position. And if it's way too awkward, chances are people would often conclude that the driver must be a woman. Are women drivers that bad? Now, did I hear a unanimous "Yes"?! Tsk, tsk!

Anyway, here are some goofy moments assumed to be caused by women drivers. *Sigh*

And this lady has her helmet worn backwards! Yes, it's definitely a woman thing! Look at this picture long enough, you'll burst out laughing. Oops!

Source unknown


  1. Hi The Happysurfer.

    Sorry can’t agree with the ‘Women are the worst drivers’. I know for I have trained young women to drive lorries and they are just as good as men. [Driver training, the women always smelt nicer then men when they were in the cab].

    I liked all the photographs but I particularly preferred the VW on the railway track.

  2. Hi Mick, yeah, she's good, isn't she? All the tyres are nicely aligned inside the track. Quite a feat! lol

    Thank you for your vote of confidence in us, women drivers, though I'm sure some of us have had our own goofy moments!

  3. Haha, these pics are just too hilarious!! But, it's one thing to be able to get into such situations, and laugh about it, and another to be a Road Rage Driver, and we all know which gander those mostly belong to, right?

  4. Road rage is terrifying. Luckily, there is less of that these days or maybe the press got tired of reporting them. I want to think it's the former.

  5. I wonder how some of those things happened. Ouch.

    Men drive faster, break the law more often and are more likely to drink and drive than women - and more likely to die in a car crash. But apparently, according to insurance companies, men have been getting better at driving in the last couple of decades, and women worse - perhaps picking up bad habits from having to deal with their male counterparts.

    Whatever. Funny pictures. Thanks.

  6. Panda, glad you found them funny. I think women drivers make more silly mistakes, like driving off with the gas pump still in the gas tank! lol

  7. Hahaha... very hilarious.

    BTW, source is not unknown. It is given in the pictures. You know I am an MBA student? We are always required to cite the sources.

  8. KS, see what you mean but what I meant was the source that provided me these pictures. as I didn't get them from the primary source.