Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lydia Shum, Hong Kong Veteran Actress Dies at 60

Hong Kong television veteran Lydia Shum Din-Ha or Shen Dianxia, in Mandarin, succumbed to liver cancer yesterday, Feb 19, at 8:38am Hong Kong time, at the Queen Mary Hospital. She was 60.

Born in Shanghai, the actress was affectionately known as Fei-fei for her plump appearance and jolly disposition. "Living with Lydia", her work in a Singapore sitcom, won her an award as the "Best Comedy Performance by an Actress" at the 2003 Asian Television Awards.

Shum starred in more than a hundred movies, including some of Hong Kong’s most popular classic films, such as Drunken Tai Chi, Millionaire’s Express, and It’s Mad Mad World (1987), and even directed and starred in You are Wonderful. She also hosted numerous variety shows produced by TVB, most notably the popular Enjoy Yourself Tonight.

Farewell, Fei Fei, you will be missed.

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  1. Ever since blogs around announced her death, I always thought Lydia was in Empat SeKawan.. but since no one mentions about that show, I guess I must have been mistaken!

    The years do fly by, everyday, and every night..

  2. Anonymous5:10 PM

    If she was really 60 years old, I must be really mature.

    We grew up watching her movies in VCR.

    She was one of the great entertainers.

  3. Really a sad news.

    I like to watch her show in E.Y.T. very much.


  4. And that lady in Empat Sekawan is still around, wor - hale and hearty!

    KS, true!

    Andie, as far as I know, she looks the same all these years! Her passing is indeed a loss to the Chinese entertainment industry.

  5. PP, EYT is one of the better variety shows I watch. She will be missed.