Friday, September 18, 2009

Cempaka International School giving away Free iPhones

If you recall, early this year Cempaka International School students won an International Mathematics Contest organized by Unicef and 3P Learning Centre of Australia in conjunction with the recent World Maths Day.

Datin Freida Pilus, Cempaka Schools chairman, said students should be embracing technology because this opens up more ways of learning.

Two years ago, Cempaka introduced Macbooks — portable Apple computers — to its secondary school students.

And now, their forward-looking, innovative education system is introducing another first in education. They are giving away cell phones, the iPhone 3GS, to be exact, to their students. One hundred students of the soon-to-be-opened Cempaka International Ladies College (Clic) are getting an iPhone 3GS each for free.

Students would be introduced to a series of iPhone applications that would be used in their everyday classroom curriculum.


  1. wow!! unbelievable!! even myself am dreaming of owning one iPhone, and now the students are getting them for free!! this is something so "sour" to hear about~~

  2. Holy sh*t! Arrgg....can I enroll into that school? LOL :D Must be one darn rich school huh! The fee itself must be pretty exorbitant already!

  3. Wow! That's incredible! Free iphones!

  4. -.- I'm from cempaka. they didnt give the iPhones away, you have to pay, but a cheaper price. and they dont have 100 students in CILC, they only have 19 at the moment and the school is still under construction. the fee is around RM100,000.

  5. syaza9:06 AM

    yes!!! the fee is rm20 k a semseter!!! its like shinhwa high school in bosy over flowers!!!!!