Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Health Benefits of a Heated Bath

Many countries around the world are reporting a higher percentage of aging citizenry. These days, senior citizens are more comfortable living on their own than with their grown-up children. With technological advancement, the environment is getting more elderly- and disabled-friendly.

Take taking a bath, for instance. There are now available walk in bath tubs with various models helping people of different levels of assistance-needed to bathe. Seabridge Bathing manufactures and distributes seven unique models of walk-in bathtubs through dealers in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Their walk-in bathtubs are specially designed to be easy to enter and easy to exit. The revolutionary palm pad door opener operates with just a push-down with an open hand, closed fist, or elbow. For safety, textured walk-in tub floors are used.

And for comfort, there is the comfortable soft seat cushion available on some models and the luxurious 16 air jet massage. It's like experiencing a spa right at home.

It is a pity that not all new houses come with a bath-tub nowadays considering the health benefits of a heated bath. Just look at the health benefits a Seabridge walk-in bath can provide:

A Full Soak (up to the chest):

* Calms the mind
* Balances emotions
* Eliminates insomnia
* Eases muscle strain
* Reduces hemorroid
* Reduce arthritis pain
* Increases circulation
* Promotes elimination of impurities via the skin
* Soothing to the nerves
* Helpful to bladder and urinary problems
* Helps mild colds
* Lowers fevers
* Helps to maintain metabolic function

Even soaking up to the hips, calves or feet have their own benefits.

For more information on Seabridge bathtubs, check out their frequently asked questions section where they have one of the largest collections of resources about bathtubs for the elderly and disabled on the Internet, along with a blog. There are topics on senior independent living, wheelchair accessible bathtubs for the handicapped, and disabled bath and bathing.


  1. Hey,

    is it a pay per post or not? anyway, a nice article.

    take care now

  2. Hi Eugene, no it's not and thank you.

  3. War...hot bath? How about hot shower then? LOL :D Looks damn luxury. I surely can't afford it.

    The old folk got mood to read while bathing? He is really enjoying it huh! :p

  4. My bathroom (a small Singapore flat) is too small to have a bathtub.

    But I think it's fun to soak in water and relax.

  5. Tekkaus, I am sure you can afford it but then again luxury is really subjective. We all have different ideas of what luxury is, don't you think? A hot shower is great too to soothe nerves after a long hard day.

    It sure is, Shingo. Time to move? hehe..