Friday, March 6, 2015

Two Chinese New Year taboos

Well, Chinese New Year is over. Yesterday was the last of the 15-day celebration. You are still not back at work? Well, lucky you! Trust you had fun this year.

I don't know whether it's just the Chinese who are superstitious but I can think of two taboos that at least some of us pay attention to during the Chinese New Year period - the 15 days. We are not supposed to cut our hair until after the 15 days, and we don't buy footwear during this time too. You didn't know that? Now you do but of course some of us don't care.

I was contemplating on making a purchase of a shoe-rack but thought I should wait until after Chinese New Year. Yeah, best to steer clear of buying anything relating to footwear lest the year should turn out a little too bumpy for comfort.

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Hope today will start you off on a wonderful new lunar year ahead!

1 comment:

  1. I vacuumed the floor and washed clothes (laundry) on the first day of CNY, hmmpphh...