Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Going last-minute Shopping before GST kicks in tomorrow?

Oh dear, Barbie and Ken are also affected by GST. From the last list of MSN's Top 17 things to buy before GST implementation, MSN has added four more, Barbie and Ken included.

The other three items are:


Ointments and Most Medicines, and yes, Mopiko too..

and Instant noodles - That go-to staple food for convenience and/or difficult times has not been spared from GST.

GST implementation in Malaysia kicks in tomorrow, April 1st. At 6%, it has been reported it is the lowest GST rate in the region, others being 7% and above.

I was told this morning that petrol price will go up tomorrow too, by another 10sen or so.

Image source: MSN


  1. Crude Oil hit its 6 year low and here increase by 10sen? Was expecting to see a drop.

    1. Nope, no drop but status quo though there's GST for RON 97.

  2. Last week was Go Shopping Time

    1. Ah, smart shopper by going early. So, did you clean up the shelves? hehe..