Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ecotourism catching on in Hawaii

Hawaii would be a great holiday destination. I hear the ecotourism industry in Hawaii is growing by leaps and bounds as holiday-makers these days are more discerning and are more concerned about the environment. Hawaii is beautiful, fresh and green with world-class beaches to make any holiday a trip to remember.

Little wonder that the demand for travel and vacations is more skewed towards those that are environmentally friendly as an alternative to the mass-market, cookie cutter trips commonly offered.

For an enjoyable holiday, I believe a local agency would be in a better position to recommend the desired accommodation and service. is one such agency that hand-picks their properties and offers first class service. They offer thousands of vacation rentals, vacation homes, hotels, resorts, beachfront and ocean-front properties and lots more on all the islands. I hear Kauai is a real treat to visit. It's nature at its best, they say.



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