Friday, February 19, 2010

Jamaica, Here I Come

We all work hard, though some work harder. So, it only makes sense to play harder as well. Ever thought of going on a singles vacation where good times and pleasure know no bounds?

Where you can sleep in, stay up late, give up counting calories, have a drink before noon, give up mineral water, dine in shorts, talk to strangers, don't make your bed, go skinny dipping, don't call your mother, don't pay for anything, don't leave a tip, be your beautiful self and more?

All the above are possible if you join one of those adult vacations in one of those adult resorts in Negril or Runaway Bay in Jamaica.


  1. Oh yes, love all those! But right now, I wish summer is over, it's damn hot. I'm going back home soon, I wish it's a more pleasant holiday. but it's going to be hot some more plus humid. Not looking forward somehow :(

  2. Judging from the beauties in the photos, I think I understand what you mean by adult vacation ;)

    But I'm surprised that you write this post. I always thought you're a feminist...