Thursday, February 4, 2010

Do you drink water straight from the tap?

Yeah, do you drink water straight from the tap? I do. We are lucky that water here in Malaysia is clean enough though we have been advised to boil the water before consumption.

I'm not sure if it's a culture here or just in Chinese society, but I do know that all Chinese families (I mean local immigrant Chinese) drink boiled water - boiled water that has been let to cool.

Families in recent years have added another source of water into the household - filtered water. With pollution all around us, most households have installed water filters and they do help to eliminate pollutants making water cleaner thus tasting better.

When it comes to water filters, people are more familiar with Diamond this part of the world forgetting that there are other just-as-effective water filters. The GE SmartWater gswf Refrigerator water filter is one. So, are you using a water filter at home?


  1. I still prefer drinking boiled water. Old fashioned. LOL
    My hubby OTOH drink straight from tap/filter.

  2. i'm actually ok with anything as long as the water is clean.. some even boiled the filtered water, double protection?? :p

  3. Anonymous2:43 PM

    I know of people who drink straight from the filter. But I don't. I prefer boiled drinking water.

  4. Of course no. I have to drink the boiled version. :( The water in Malaysia clean meh? Wait till you see what I will write next time. :p

  5. Old saying - "if you don't have a water filter, you ARE a water filter." ;^)

  6. Lina, yeah, most local people here do, me included, though I sometimes drink from the tap (regardless whether filtered or otherwise). So long as the water is clear, I take it as clean. Not true, of course, but oh well..

    SK, you're right about people boiling filtered water. Guilty here. Most households now have water filters so all the water boiled is from that tap.

  7. Mei Teng, I do that once in a while though as a norm, my drinking water is boiled water.

    Btw, did you know that some people just drink mineral water all the time? They are not into drinking boiled water. I know people like that.

    Tekkaus, I guess most of us are lucky enough to have clean water from their tap. Your water not clean meh?

  8. Wise PandaB, LOL! So true indeed!