Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthday Ideas

Are you one of those who are always at a loss for gift ideas when a birthday comes around? I know of people who are like that. You too? Here are some Birthday Ideas you would be surprised you hadn't thought of earlier.

Show tickets are a great birthday idea. Shows are something that many people enjoy but do not get around to planning them into their schedule. Further surprise them by driving them to the venue and seeing their excitement when they realize what they are about to see.

A get-away is a super birthday idea. Many people are too busy to plan for a vacation so a long weekend at a resort, a one night stay at a theme park, a spa weekend, or hiding away in a cabin for a few days are all popular birthday ideas.

Great birthday ideas for mom include helping her pick up her bath and beauty products or her color refills for her printer. Same goes for dad on his birthday. He will appreciate little thoughtful gifts too such as gifts that support his hobbies or a plate of his favorite cookies.

Gift vouchers or gift cards are practical gifts too. Now you won't be at such a loss for birthday ideas.


  1. Anonymous6:02 AM

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  2. Angpows are the most feasible birthday gifts, though I thought the show tickets that you mentioned was a great idea.

  3. Anonymous, thanks.

    Shingo, I agree angpows (good luck money in a red envelope) work for certain occasions.