Friday, February 19, 2010

Lawless Behavior of Motorists shocks JPJ Chief

Thought I'd talk about the article that's frontpaging The Star today. It carries the title "Reckless lot" as it highlights the reckless and lawless behavior of road-users in Malaysia. I couldn't agree more that road-users here (read vehicle-drivers) take road-safety laws lightly. Is it little wonder that our road accident statistics are nothing to brag about? Which reminds me I am thinking of changing my insurance agent. Will need to start asking for new auto insurance quotes.

Below is borrowed from the paper showing proof of the unlawful behavior. Uh-oh, if your vehicle is in the picture, it's going nationwide and worldwide, naturally, considering that it's being read across the world where there are Malaysians.

The gentleman in the picture is Datuk Solah Mat Hassan, Director General of the Road Transport Department (JPJ). On his way from Kota Baru to Kuala Lumpur on Wed during the ongoing Ops Sikap XXI, he managed to photograph 93 cars blatantly flouting traffic rules.

(Ops Sikap is a traffic safety operation launched by the Royal Malaysian Police to ensure safety on all roads in Malaysia during festive seasons such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Deepavali, Christmas Day and Chinese New Year.)

The DG was shocked to see drivers overtaking along double lines, jumping queue using the emergency lane, using the road shoulder and driving dangerously.

2,968 photographs were taken of motorists committing various offences, including failure to stop at traffic lights, overtaking along double lines, jumping queue and using the emergency lane, drivers using handphone and failure to buckle up and motorcyclists who failed to put on a helmet. These photos were taken by undercover officers, the DG himself and submissions from the public. You can now do your part in keeping our streets safer by sending in pictures of reckless drivers to

Btw, the offenders will be slapped with the maximum fine of RM300.

Article source: The Star...Reckless lot


  1. i think malaysian drivers are mostly very selfish and drive very recklessly.. that's why i always feel so tension on the road.. see, every festive seasons there are so many road accidents and death, isn't this very saddening??

  2. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I don't know what is so shocking. Atrocious driving behaviours have been around for ages and now only it has been reported as shocking. Do these people ever drive on M'sian roads?

  3. Yeah! So typical of us Malaysian. :p