Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Girlfriend makes Beautiful Pottery

Stumbling upon the AMACO/Brent website of Supplies for Pottery, Education & Crafts reminded me of a girlfriend who makes beautiful ceramic pieces. I call them exquisite artwork.

She gets her supplies from a local crafts store. I need to forward her this well-stocked supplier so that she can have a wider range of pottery supply to choose from. She is even thinking of having her own kiln so that she doesn't need to bring her pieces to fire at the craft center. Who knows, she might be able to get one there.

If you are a potter, I think you will love this site. I know my girlfriend will. AMACO/Brent stocks a wide range of pottery supplies from the many different types of lead-free glazes, including majolica glazes to clays, brushes, Brent potters wheels & wheel replacement parts, slump molds, Kilns, and more.

If you are an Art & Craft teacher or perhaps someone who enjoys crafts, you have got to check out their Craft Library and Lesson Plans. There is a treasure trove of craft ideas here. is a wonderful resource center designed for artists, teachers, students, professional potters and craft artists where they can network and share ideas, techniques, upload galleries of artwork or classroom projects, post special events charity events, and workshops.


  1. Hello!

    I was blog-hopping and chanced upon this post.

    I LOVE pottery. always thought of it as really fascinating. Thinking like Molly in "Ghost" played by Demi Moore; it is romantic too.. :p

    Thank you!

    have a great weekend! Ü

  2. Hi WDC. You're welcome. Glad you find info here useful.

    Hello SunShine! Aww, who can forget Demi Moore in "Ghost". That movie must have resulted in a surge in pottery class signups. Thank you for stopping by and hope to see more of you.