Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wicker furniture for all weather

Experts say women spend more time looking over products in a store than do men. This is attributed to each gender being wired differently thus both genders may do things directly opposite of each other. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus? Indeed.

..which brings me to shopping and talking about shopping, have you been to IKEA Damansara? They are having their March Sale at the moment but not many days left as it ends on March 24.

Image source: homeandpatiodecorcenter

Furniture became the topic of discussion this morning after someone brought up that she is looking to replace her sofa set.

Her husband is looking at wicker furniture this time around and found some really nice ones online. I have to agree that online furniture stores do have a huge selection of furniture and needless to say the best Whitecraft All Weather Wicker Montecito Collection if you are looking to buy wicker furniture.  They come with colour consistency, durability and strength.

These wicker sets are not only beautiful, they are also maintenance-free, easy to clean, hygienic, safe and sanitary. When it says all-weather, the material used is weather-resistant and will not rot, fade, crack or split. It is UV-protected, and cannot be damaged by rain, sun or salt water thus they make great patio or poolside furniture.

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  1. I love wicker furniture! It's perfect for a hot African climate.

    I've never seen it in Japan, though. :( Mind you, the only "furniture" in Japan is a futon.

    PS: OK, OK, that was a joke! :D