Friday, March 29, 2013

Wall collapse in busy Melbourne street

Before my visit to Melbourne several years ago, friends told me that the city is windy. Indeed it is as we (my girlfriend travel companion and I) found out on our arrival one late winter/early spring day. The nights were so cold indoors even with the heater on. We stayed in a friend's apartment in the suburb of Prahran. Prahran is a part of Greater Melbourne, with many shops, restaurants and cafes.

I won't digress further but back to windy Melbourne, I just read about a collapsed wall that killed two pedestrians in Melbourne.

The Australian reported that:

TWO pedestrians were killed when a wall collapsed on a busy Melbourne street yesterday and an injured teenage girl is fighting for her life.

The young man and woman were killed when a wall on a vacant construction site fell onto a footpath on Swanston Street about 3pm (AEDT) yesterday.

Another woman, believed to be 19, was rushed to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and is in a critical condition after surgery.

Strong winds swept through Melbourne yesterday, and one freak gust of up to 100km/h just before 3pm made the 3m wall fall onto the victims.

Witnesses say passers-by desperately dug through the rubble to try to help the people trapped underneath. More..Wind gusts blamed for fatal wall collapse in busy Melbourne street

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