Saturday, March 16, 2013

Singapore: The World's Richest City

Singapore used to be the dullest city in the world according to WSJ Money magazine, but now it has become a dazzling haven for the ultra-rich.

The magazine last week named Singapore as the World's Richest City. Singapore is seen as one of the safest places where the world's ultra-rich park their billions. Eduardo Saverin, former Facebook founder, is one of them.

Recent developments have seen more great nightclubs and fun attractions. This little island state has 450 Ferraris, serves a cocktail with a diamond in it, has Louis Vuitton headquarters there and lots of opportunities to buy wealthy stuff such as yachts. Bottomline, if you've got a lot of money, there's a lot you can do there. Watch the video..

Incidentally, Singapore could be the only country in the world where you can park your flashy car(s) right inside your living room even if you are living in a highrise apartment. You can read about it here: Super-rich living in high rise flats store flash cars in their living rooms


  1. Singapore must be packed with millionaires and billionaires considering that there are 450 Ferraris in such a small island! : D

  2. A lot of the millionaires in Singapore are foreigners. And middle-upper class Singaporeans are not happy with the rising cost of living.