Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Camp gear should also include a survival kit

Last weekend, I encountered a group of five friends at the mall who were excitedly talking about their forthcoming school camping trip. In our sometimes unpredictable weather, I was thinking to myself that it would be a good idea that they also include a waterproof jacket among the Camp Gear they will be packing.

If one were to actually go camping in the wilderness, an indispensable camping tip is to carry a survival kit when you venture away from your campsite. The kit should include water-purifying tablets, a water filter and a metal bowl, a survival knife, which you can use to hunt, to protect yourself and to signal for help. This can be found in a camping or outdoor goods store.

Waterproof matches are another must-have in your survival kit. They should go in an airtight container. Waterproof matches can be made by dipping regular matches in either nail polish or paraffin. A plastic medicine bottle makes a handy caddy for your waterproof matches. You will also need a flashlight in your survival kit plus extra batteries in an airtight container similar to the one you store your matches in. Having a flare gun and a mini LED torch aren't a bad idea, either.

In addition to toting a survival kit, you should also have a small first aid kit with you. Stock bandages, wound cleanser, latex gloves and cold packs in it. Happy camping!


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