Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How to choose reading glasses

Is it safe to say that we all need reading glasses later on in life? Some may need them earlier, others not so soon. Should we be sweating over this issue? No need to, though a little knowhow about choosing reading glasses won't hurt.

This googling for info was induced by a lamenting co-worker who is not sure how to go about or where to go to buy a pair of reading glasses.

eHow.com says you can visit your nearest drug store or discount store where they carry reading glasses. Psst.. Carrefour (here in Kuala Lumpur) does have reading glasses. I came across them one day quite by accident. A learned ophthamologist suggests that it is okay to purchase perfectly good reading glasses “off the rack.”

If there are no instructions on how to choose a pair of reading glasses, just grab a pair and start reading whatever is nearby. If the pair helps your vision, voila(!) you have got it!

Of course my co-worker being an online-shopper, is looking over those designer reading glasses at www.thereadingglassesshop.com where there are great discounts currently. If you are also in the market for reading glasses, you may also want to check this site out.

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  1. So far I only need glasses for seeing faraway things. (Is that near-sighted or far-sighted? I never know which is which.) I can still read and work on my computer without glasses. Long may that continue!